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CKEditor Enterprise

Based on the most popular open source web text editor with over 15,000,000 downloads and 12 years of continuous development.

The long-awaited release of CKEditor is out. Version 4.5 introduces an entire spectrum of new features and improvements. Get the Enterprise version and enjoy your unique package of additional products and services!

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  • Copyright Freedom

    If you use the open source version of CKEditor in your commercial products, its code with all your modifications must remain open and accessible to others under the open source license. You are also obligated to clearly identify and make public which part of your product’s code is not bound by your copyright.

    The Enterprise version gives you a permanent license with absolute freedom to customize the code and keeps your business safe and secret.

  • CKFinder and Accessibility Checker Integration

    Our file manager can be easily integrated with CKEditor and it lets you benefit from the latest CKEditor features like drag and drop file upload without any extra effort.

    Accessibility Checker is a unique solution making accessibility checking fully integrated into your content creation workflow. Both integrations are available in the Enterprise version at a fair, bundle price.

    To try them out, use the "Check Accessibility" or "Image" buttons or drag and drop a picture into the editing area. Note: the demo on the right uses CKFinder 3 for PHP, other server side versions are available as well.

  • Consulting and Support

    We provide one year of direct support and upgrades. If your projects require additional work, we also offer custom development.

    Accelerate the time to market for your products using our end-to-end software customization approach.

Accessibility Checker

Uploading Pasted and Dropped Images

Embedding Media Resources

New Sample and Toolbar Configurators

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