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Accessibility Checker

Making accessibility checking fully integrated
into your content creation workflow.

Explore the Benefits

Make Content Accessible
in Real Time!

Accessibility Checker is a brand new feature of CKEditor, the most popular online editor with over 16 million downloads and 13 years of continuous development. Inspect the accessibility of created content and resolve any issues at once.

Expand the Market Reach

The more accessible your content is, the bigger the market you gain. You can reach a huge group of potential customers by improving the accessibility of your content. This in turn brings better user experience not only for people with disabilities and the technologically underprivileged, but also for those who access content on mobile devices.

Increase Your Visibility with Better SEO

Search engine bots have to be treated like users with disabilities. They cannot see the content of your images and guess what you wanted to communicate. By incorporating accessibility rules into your online content (such as alternative text for images), you rank higher in search results.

Emphasize Social Responsibility

Demonstrate social responsibility and stand out from your competition! Accessible websites allow people with disabilities to be independent. Build a positive image both in the eyes of individual users as well as your B2B partners and potential customers.

Avoid Discrimination and Legal Problems

Your company may be required by explicit government regulations to make all content accessible. Pay attention to ever-increasing legislation or procurement requirements and reward your business by reducing legal liability!

Benefit from Improved Accessibility and Quality of Created Content

Compliance with the latest WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 requirements.

Checking engine based on Quail with other options possible.

Content quality assurance. Create and add your own rules!

Accessibility Checker in action

Save Time and Money by Shortening Your Content Editing Processes

Shortening Your Content Editing Processes

Choose the Most Suitable Option

Open Source and Enterprise features comparison
Open Source Enterprise
All features check check
Unlimited license options clear* check
One year of support and upgrades clear check
Assistance Package on demand for non-standard technical requests clear check
Service Level Agreement clear check
Download Buy

* GPL license only (you can use Accessibility Checker in your software only when it is also on a GPL license)

Success Stories

CKEditor and the Accessibility Checker will do more for our students than just help those with disabilities. It ensures that we properly format all our content, which helps all of the visitors.
Amarillo College Find out More
Initial tests done with Accessibility Checker for CKEditor allowed for detection of accessibility issues and improvement of the accessibility of websites in a fast and reliable way.
Government of the Netherlands Find out More
Accessibility Checker receives the 2016 Global Elevate Award in the Web category. This award celebrates innovations that can change the lives of people with disabilities and senior citizens.
Global Elevate Awards Find out More

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