CKSource — Open (Source) for 10 Years!


Illustration for the article about CKSource 10th anniversary

"It all started in 2003. The decision of bringing my pet project into the open — to an environment I was still unfamiliar with. In a period when Open Source Software wasn’t yet a fashionable thing to do in order to show that you’re cool."

The Technology We Use Shouldn’t Limit Us from Finding a Connection - a Talk with Jesse Beach


Picture of Jesse Beach illustrating the interview

Jesse Beach is a senior front end developer and a specialist in web accessibility. She currently works at Facebook on building web accessibility testing tools and improving the accessibility of Facebook's user interface.

In this talk we focus on her rich experience in "driving accessibility as a requirement" within various large and medium organisations and talk about how open source is the driving factor behind innovation in web accessibility technologies. Read on for more!

If You're not Thinking About Accessibility - a Talk with Marcy Sutton


"If you’re a designer and you’re not thinking about accessibility then you’re not doing the best work you could be doing" - a talk with Marcy Sutton, Accessibility Engineer at Adobe.

Marcy Sutton is a web developer and web accessibility advocate based in Seattle. She currently works as an Accessibility Engineer for Adobe. She is also the co-leader of Girl Develop It Seattle and an international public speaker. You can learn more about Marcy’s work from her website and her Twitter account.

In this brief interview, we are looking at various dimensions of web accessibility and how it cuts across multiple layers of online product development. Read on for more!

Build a WYSIWYG editor in-house or use an off-the-shelf solution?


Build a WYSIWYG editor in-house or use an off-the-shelf solution? 5 arguments against reinventing the wheel. Blog post.

You often consider writing a new piece of software when the products already available on the market seem insufficient in terms of their functionalities, or simply do not fit the goals of your company. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t want to use a random out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t exactly do what you intended it to do. However, when you consider these few points before you decide to create a completely new content editing solution, it becomes clear that reinventing the wheel is the last thing in which your company should be involved.