• Ajax-based file manager

    Intuitive file management
    Easy integration

  • Customizable

    Simple configuration options
    Friendly API with documentation

  • Secure

    Safe web file management
    Quick security updates

  • User access control

    Private folders
    Access Control List (ACL)

CKFinder features description screen
  1. 1Multiple file uploads

    Intuitive multiple file uploads with progress bar.

  2. 2Image editor

    Crop, resize and rotate images. Set brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure or choose one of predefined presets.

  3. 3Contextual toolbar

    A series of buttons in order to quickly execute specific tasks for the selected object without the need to use the context menu.

  4. 4Settings panel

    Allows users to set their preferred size of thumbnails and change other view settings.

  5. 5Folders panel

    Contains the "tree view" of the folders that you can navigate. Folders are used to organize and categorize your files.

  6. 6Files panel

    Lists the files available in the selected folder.

  7. 7Context menu

    Popup menu that executes specific tasks for the selected object. Options change dynamically depending on the clicked item.

  8. 8Native CKEditor integration

    Designed for easily integration with CKEditor, the world's most popular WYSIWYG HTML editor.

9And a lot more...

  • Mobile friendly, responsive *
  • Cloud storage (Amazon, Dropbox) *
  • FTP connector *
  • Drag-and-drop support
  • Multiple localizations
  • Quality image thumbnails
  • Full user control of content
  • Fast – great performance overall
  • Server side source code included
  • Can be extended with own plugins
* Available in CKFinder 3

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