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  1. Add CKFinder Business Plus License at 24% discount!

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  2. Provide your contact and billing information Provide information about the buyer.

    Note: Fill out section "License owner information" below, if the license owner is different from the buyer.

    * Customer Type

    State whether you are buying the license as an individual or a company.
    * Company must provie VAT indentification number.

    If you are buying for someone else, please fill out the
    License owner information below.

    * Company size

    Select your company size (employees + contractors).

    Name of company buying the license

    Name of the person making the purchase

    This address will receive all communication regarding this purchase.

    Provide country calling code and your phone numer, e.g. +1 123 456 7890

    Mandatory for companies. VAT will be discounted for EU companies.

  3. License owner information Fill out the license owner information, if it is different from the buyer information given above.

    Pricing details will NOT be sent to the license owner.

    * Customer Type

    Select if you are buying as an individual or company.

    This address will NOT receive any communications regarding this purchase.

    Due to EU regulations it is impossible for individual EU customers to purchase a license for someone else.
    If you are purchasing a license for a company, set the customer type to "Company".

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