Our Values

User centered decisions and solutions

  • Innovation

    At CKSource we understand how important it is to be innovative. The internet is constantly changing, and so are we. Our products are designed to fulfill the latest needs of our users, withstand the test of time and keep up with current trends.

    We are trail blazing with our HTML5 Inline Editing feature, add-ons repository and CKBuilder, giving users new ways to share and innovate our content management tools. Not surprisingly, we are the industry leader of HTML WYSIWYG text editors.


    Any tool is useless if it doesn't work as expected. We design content management tools to meet the expectations of our users, not our own. We promote several solutions in our development workflow to guarantee that things work well... forever.

    Quality is not only found in the process but also in the details. We offer it in our code, product interface, our web sites, in every aspect of our company life. We know that small things contribute to the big picture and our customers appreciate us for this.

  • Open Source

    We at CKSource live for the experience of creating amazing Open Source tools that can be used by everybody. In return we receive an amazing amount of feedback, contributions and appreciation from our community - things that motivate us to produce better applications.

    Thanks to this incredible relationship our active community helps us improve our products with real life scenarios. No other software model could provide such interaction. This translates to additional quality in our products, bringing more satisfaction to our community...

    Keep it small and smart (KISS)

    Our core belief is that we need keep things as simple as possible. We understand that it is better to be smart instead of big. That's why our focus has always been to produce optimized, efficient and simple content editing tools.

    We've put some incredible minds together here at CKSource, so we can keep this dream going. We don't want to be big... we just want to do it big, with passion and dedication.

    CKEditor and CKFinder are the culmination of this dream by giving our community a powerful yet simple WYSIWYG text editor and Ajax file manager.

Our Goals

Celebrating the overcoming of difficult challenges

  • Be the best

    There is nothing bad about wanting to be the best. In fact, if you create the best product, you are the best. This is simply the consequence of what we've been focused on providing: first-choice tools for our users.

  • Be a healthy & profitable company

    To provide the best product, to be there for our customers, to enhance our community experience every day, we need resources. That's why we are proud to be a healthy company with strong financial ambitions, simply because we know our customers deserve it.

  • Have fun!

    At CKSource we produce cutting edge software used by millions of people every day around the globe. It's always a pleasure to interact with our community. We love what we do, and because of this we have fun!