• Citibank Case Study


    This case study elaborates why Citibank chose CKEditor as its WYSIWYG application of choice for their internal HTML document handling application, and how they used CKSource’s OEM license with SLA and Assistance Package services to speed up and fine tune the rich text editor’s implementation.

  • CKEditor SDK Unveiled


    We are proud to present the new and shiny CKEditor SDK that has just been published online and is also available for download. The CKEditor SDK is a huge collection of resources designed to help you get familiar with all editor features and make the process of implementing, configuring and integrating CKEditor with your website or application easier. And what's the best part? It's free!

  • CKSource Meetup 2014


    Last week the CKSource team met for two days in Warsaw, Poland, to talk about various topics ranging from future CKEditor functionalities, CKFinder 3.0, Bender.js, and many other current and future projects. The meetup concluded with an office party and a night on the town! In all, it was loads of fun with some interesting company decisions being made in the process.

  • CKEditor at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 Recap

    Posted by Sebastian on Releases

    DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 has come and gone giving the Drupal community yet another amazing event loaded with surprises and memorable moments.

    CKEditor had a strong presence at the conference, more so than in previous years, and rightfully so: this year’s event was centered around Drupal 8 where CKEditor is the default rich text editor!

  • CKEditor 4.4.5 with Safari 7.1 Fix Released

    Posted by Anna on Releases

    Right after the official launch of Safari 7.1 we would like to announce the immediate release of CKEditor 4.4.5 with a fix for a critical issue with the latest Apple browser version. Apart from this, CKEditor 4.4.5 contains a variety of other updates including some further refactoring of the undo manager, a workaround for a Chrome 37 issue, and a few other fixes.

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