• CKEditor 4.4.3 with a Security Patch Released

    Posted by Anna on Releases

    We would like to announce the slightly premature release of CKEditor 4.4.3 which, among a variety of fixes and new features, contains a security fix to one of the official plugins. An upgrade is highly recommended!

  • CKEditor 4.4.2 Released

    Posted by Anna on Releases

    We are happy to announce the release of CKEditor 4.4.2, the not-so-minor successor of CKEditor 4.4 which was published several weeks ago. Apart from numerous code fixes this version paves way for nested widgets (that will come with CKEditor 4.5) and makes the CKEditor testing environment publicly available.

  • CKEditor 4.4.1 Released

    Posted by Sebastian on Releases

    We are proud to announce the release of CKEditor 4.4.1, the not-so-minor follow up to CKEditor 4.4, which introduced a variety of improvements a few weeks ago. CKEditor 4.4.1 is loaded with fixes, changes and includes a new feature, so it’s definitely worth checking out. 

  • CKEditor 4.4 Released

    Posted by Anna on Releases

    We are proud to announce CKEditor 4.4, the latest major release for the CKEditor 4 line that contains plenty of new and exciting features, including the new Code Snippet plugin with syntax highlighting, changes to the style system that make it possible to add styles to widgets, and the ability to add links to images created with the Enhanced Image plugin as well as customize their figure element and alignment classes. In addition to this, the Advanced Content Filter system was expanded with blacklisting and wildcard support. Read on for an overview of all the new features that the CKEditor team has been working on for the past few months and also see the demo of new widget features!

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