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We are working on an open-source application used by millions of users. Our flagship product is CKEditor 5 - a powerful, modern, and user-friendly rich text editor, enhancing many CMS and CRM systems, as well as various internet platforms. CKSource's clients include giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Zendesk and Drupal. For over 17 years , the company has been developed by versatile programmers who set trends in the field of creating advanced technologies for content editing.

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In September 2022, CKSource officially joined the exclusive group of organizations certified with the Great Place to Work® title. Our company presented outstanding results in some key metrics, with trust-based relationships topping the list. The award is the most recognizable distinction for the "employer of choice" that companies aspire to and the only certification based entirely on what employees say about their experiences in the workplace. And 100% of CKSource employees agreed that “This is a friendly place to work” and “When you join the organisation, you are made to feel welcome”.

Great place To Work - CKSource team, some of the employees smiling and holding some items, like speech bubbles with texts like 'best team evere' etc.

What our employees say

Piotrek Koszuliński - CKEditor 5 Project Leader

A newly hired employee can expect that their work at CKSource will not be completely isolated and that their voice will be heard and taken into account. They will receive feedback on both soft and hard skills - in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

Piotr Koszuliński

CKEditor 5 Project Leader / Architect / Advocate
Kacper Tomporowski -  QA Team Leader

I started my work at CKSource many years ago and from the very beginning, it's been a place where people care for each other and each individual has a voice that matters. I still enjoy my time here, as new challenges come up and allow me to develop my technical and soft skills. And... I simply love our products!

Kacper Tomporowski

QA Team Leader
Natalia Stachowicz - HR Business Partner

What I really love about CKSource is the outstanding culture of embracing innovative ideas, and focusing on team & self-development, which genuinely allows you to spread your wings.

Natalia Stachowicz

HR Business Partner
Karolina Ziętal - Sales Operations Administrator

Already after the first meeting, I knew that CKSource is a bull's eye! The recruitment process was very smooth. I found a lot of interesting challenges here. I think CKSource is a great place for independent and creative people who value great communication with colleagues.

Karolina Ziętal

Sales Operations Administrator
Kamil Piechaczek  - Team Leader

CKSource offers a considerable number of challenges to solve each day. Would you like to try solving them?

Kamil Piechaczek

Team Leader

CKSource in numbers:


The number of developers specialized in rich text editing, working on CKEditor and the supporting features. Providing brilliant customer support and extensive documentation, writing tests, and peer reviews (code and architecture-wise) - all require a team of talented and dedicated people.


The number of CKEditor downloads, with the number of users exceeding hundreds of millions. With such a huge user base, we receive a lot of valuable feedback - on issues, but also feature requests, or requests for documentation clarification. A large number of users helps us evolve and grow every day.

+ years

Years of CKEditor market presence as an open-source project. The community thriving around CKEditor has been continuously contributing to its improvement. Thanks to contributors’ commitment, CKEditor has become a strong and reliable world-class software.

,000 customers

The number of customers that have already trusted us. It makes us proud and gives us a solid foundation upon which we can develop the editor and invest in it, delivering innovative solutions like real-time collaboration and the surrounding features.

The number of the automated, manual, unit, and integration tests for CKEditor 4 and CKEditor 5. Software quality is in our DNA and we know that delivering rock-solid components to external applications and being a reliable partner is crucial. We spend over 50% of our time on writing tests and documentation.

,000 tests

The customer satisfaction rate for our dedicated support services. We continuously monitor customer satisfaction and improve our processes to deliver outstanding support.

Why us?

  1. Unique company culture:

    • a friendly atmosphere of openness, trust, support, and mutual respect
    • real influence on what you/we do and how
    • flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely
  2. Strong focus on excellent code quality:

    • a lot of time for tests, code refactoring, and reducing technical debt
    • 100% code coverage, detailed code inspections, continuous integration
    • extensive, comprehensive documentation
  3. A place to realize your potential:

    • get more and more challenging tasks once you feel ready for it
    • write in modern vanilla JS and take responsibility for the architecture
    • solve complex puzzles and push web browsers to their limits

Our products

CKEditor 5 - a powerful WYSIWYG framework delivering a fully customizable editing experience.

Dedicated premium features for special tasks that expand the functionality offered by CKEditor 5:

CKBox - a management platform service that takes care of image uploads and reduces the effort required on your part to build a complete modern editing solution with support for embedding images.

CKEditor 4 - a battle-tested WYSIWYG editor with many useful features and legacy compatibility.

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