About us

For the last 14 years, CKSource has been innovating the world of WYSIWYG text editors with its groundbreaking CKEditor - the most widely used rich text editor on the globe with over 15 million downloads. Having fully matured as a company, CKSource now offers a wide range of services with its Enterprise Solutions, giving clients the most advanced development support for both CKEditor and CKFinder.

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  • Accessibility Checker goes Open Source

    Accessibility matters

    Accessibility Checker goes Open Source on a GPL license.

    May 2016

  • Drupal 8 with CKEditor

    Drupal 8

    Drupal 8 is released with CKEditor as its default WYSIWYG editor.

    November 2015

  • CKEditor reaches over 15 million downloads!

    June 2015

  • Accessibility Checker

    Enterprise Logo

    We officially release Accessibility Checker - an innovative solution that lets you inspect the accessibility level of content created in CKEditor and immediately solve any existing accessibility issues.

    June 2015


  • New custom business solutions!

    CKEditor 4

    New Enterprise Solutions and Services are offered for business projects requiring a flexible, end-to-end customization approach. Ideal for enhancing projects and saving on development time.

    February 2014


  • CKSource is growing

    CKEditor 4

    CKSource is moved to a new office in downtown Warsaw. Our team is enlarged! A new sales team, CEO and developers are welcomed on board.

    June 2013

  • New and improved license options!

    Enterprise Logo

    New CKEditor and CKFinder licenses and bundles offer improved prices and more flexibility, while Enterprise licenses mark a new business direction for the company.

    April 2013


  • CKEditor reaches 9 million downloads!

    December 2012

  • CKEditor 4 released

    CKEditor 4

    The new CKEditor 4 introduces a unique Inline Editing solution, enhanced DOM and CSS performance, reformatted source code and many other improvements...

    November 2012


  • Drupal Logo

    CKEditor for Drupal released

    We present a unique solution that integrates CKEditor and CKFinder into Drupal.

    November 2011

  • Joomla Logo

    CKEditor for Joomla released

    A new integration of CKEditor and CKFinder into Joomla is introduced.

    September 2011

  • Aid for Japan

    We quickly decide to help Japan overcome their struggles! We decide to donate 10% of our gross revenue to help the Japanese people after the disastrous tsunami.

    April 2011

  • CKEditor reaches 6 million downloads!

    January 2011


  • CKFinder 2.0 release

    CKFinder Logo

    New CKFinder with improved user interface, drag & drop and new powerful plugin system.

    May 2010

  • CKEditor for SharePoint

    Launch of the innovative CKEditor for SharePoint - our first commercial integration of CKEditor.


  • We achieve an incredible 110% growth in revenue in one year!



  • Redesign

    New logos and websites for CKEditor and CKFinder.


  • CKEditor 3.0 released

    CKEditor 4

    Our new WYSIWYG HTML editor makes a grand entrance. It is a complete rewrite of FCKeditor with special attention to: performance, accessibility, new UI, and many more features. From now on, “CK” stands for "Content and Knowledge"

    August 2009


  • IBM agreement signed

    IBM Logo

    We are proud that from now on our project will be utilized in IBM’s development strategy. We are sure that this cooperation will be fruitful for both sides.

    December 2008

  • FCKeditor reaches 3 million downloads!

    August 2008

  • CKFinder for ASP and ColdFusion

    A brand new version of CKFinder with native support for ASP and ColdFusion is released.

    January 2008


  • FCKeditor reaches 2 million downloads!

    August 2007

  • CKFinder 1.0 is born

    First release of our Ajax File Manager. Compatible with PHP and ASP.NET.

    July 2007

  • First employee

    Martin Kou joins us - our first hired JavaScript developer!

    June 2007

  • FCKeditor in ColdFusion

    Adobe chooses FCKeditor as one of the great new features of its next major release of ColdFusion.

    May 2007

  • Oracle agreement signed

    Oracle Logo

    New partnership with Oracle Corporation will have CKEditor enhancing their products.

    March 2007


  • CKSource is born

    CKEditor 4

    CKSource is established as an official company. The growth just started!

    June 2006

  • FCKeditor reaches 1 million downloads!

    June 2006


  • IBM Logo

    Headquarters established in Poland

    After a few years in Italy, we are moving to Warsaw with plans to officially establish a company.



  • FCKeditor reaches 100 000 downloads!

    December 2003

  • Sourceforge awards FCKeditor

    FCKeditor has been selected "Project of the Month" at Sourceforge!

    December 2003

  • FCKeditor is born


    FCKeditor 0.8 is released as Open Source Software with XHTML support, "Paste from Word" and Internet Explorer 5.0 compatibility (yes, it's true...)

    March 2003

  • The beginning

    Frederico Caldeira Knabben takes on the challenge to start a new and creative project called "FCKeditor” aimed to build a new WYSIWYG online HTML editor.