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Frederico Knabben photo

Frederico holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising and more than 15 years experience in the IT market as a developer and business man.

Frederico Knabben


Piotr Koszuliński photo

I enjoy karting and endurance sports such as running and alpinism. When I’m finally tired I prefer good music (from prog-rock, through jazz and classical music to house and disco) and Agatha Christie’s books.

Piotr Koszuliński

CKEditor 5 Project Leader / Architect / Advocate

Aleksander Nowodziński photo

I'm a prog-rock enthusiast and a bass player. When I'm tired being a rock-star I just go outside and take photos.

Aleksander Nowodziński

Senior Software Engineer / UX Designer

Maciej Gołaszewski photo

I enjoy playing basketball so after work I play in amateur basketball league.

Maciej Gołaszewski

Senior Software Engineer

Szymon Cofalik photo

I love all sorts of gaming, card games in particular.

Szymon Cofalik

Technical Leader

Dawid Pawłowski photo

In my spare time, I go outside to enjoy sports. And I'm always searching for some fresh music.

Dawid Pawłowski

Senior Software Engineer

Aleksandra Bălc photo

I'm a fan of experimental vegetarian cooking, classical literature, Romania.

Aleksandra Bălc

Finance Manager

Monika Zajączkowska photo

My hobbies are gardening, reading books and all sorts of sport activities like biking, skiing and swimming. I love to try new things.

Monika Zajączkowska

Finance Specialist

Gökçe Tosun photo

I love getting lost in art galleries and streets. I like to critique films & tv shows and I'm obsessed with painting.

Gökçe Tosun

Marketing and Content Specialist

Damian Konopka photo

I'm interested in UX and programming. I also love reading various types of books.

Damian Konopka

Frontend Developer / UX Designer

Ewelina Buczyńska photo

I love swimming, hiking, climbing and travelling.

Ewelina Buczyńska

HR Manager

Krzysztof Krztoń photo

I like programming, playing computer and board games, occasionally creating and building stuff. I also like sports, especially running and fitness.

Krzysztof Krztoń

Technical Leader

Ludwika Słowikowska photo

I can spend hours on interior design and old photographs of Warsaw. I'm fascinated with people - their motivations, emotions and behaviour (which perhaps explains my love for deep drama movies).

Ludwika Słowikowska

Customer Success Manager

Maciej Bukowski photo

I'm fond of programming, rock climbing and mountain trekking.

Maciej Bukowski

Software Engineer

Marek Lewandowski photo

My hobby is programming FTW! But there are plenty more like video game development, electronic DIY, car detailing, guitars and drumming, just to name a few.

Marek Lewandowski

Technical Leader

Wiktor Walc photo

I'm interested in web security, I also love gothic and metal music and... riding fast on my motorcycle.

Wiktor Walc


Rafał Stalewski photo

I'm fond of cycling, tennis, fussball and listening to metal bands.

Rafał Stalewski

Head of Sales

Kacper Tomporowski photo

I'm interested in web technologies and graphic design, but besides that my biggest passion is music. I play guitar and sing. I'm in the process of creating new band with my friends. I also love basketball.

Kacper Tomporowski

QA Engineer

Marcin Betliński photo

I enjoy playing the guitar, travelling in the wild, sailing, cooking, brewing beer, archery, biking and 90's popular culture.

Marcin Betliński

Software Engineer

Adrian Kruszewski photo

Cars are at the top of my mind! Going to car shows, working on cars, reading about new car models, it's all about the cars! I also enjoy fishing even though I didn't have much time for it in recent years.

Adrian Kruszewski

Senior Account Manager

Paweł Wiaderny photo

Playing the accordion is my hobby. Just kidding. I've never played the accordion in my life, but it looks and sounds kinda interesting. I like to compose music. Not that I'm any good at it, but it gives me lots of fun!

Paweł Wiaderny

Technical Leader

Jakub Świderski photo

I enjoy athletic training and also playing poker.

Jakub Świderski

Technical Support / Software Engineer

Tomasz Jakut photo

I'm keen on coding in JavaScript and writing.

Tomasz Jakut

Senior Software Engineer / Web Standards Expert

Bartosz Czerwonka photo

For me being a coder is a way of life.

Bartosz Czerwonka

Technical Leader

Robert Mikołajuk photo

I'm interested in new web technologies, IoT and automation. Outside the desk area, my free time is divided between shooting range, swimming, diving, snowboarding and riding my motorcycle.

Robert Mikołajuk

Senior Software Engineer / System Administrator

Kamil Piechaczek photo

I love programming of course but I also like to play basketball, and recently I'm creating some projects using Arduino.

Kamil Piechaczek

Software Engineer

Justyna Wlaźlińska photo

I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities.

Justyna Wlaźlińska

Office Manager

Anna Tomanek photo

I love Southeast Asia, and travelling in general. I take tons of photos that I never publish anywhere. I enjoy running, mountain biking and spending time with my family.

Anna Tomanek

Documentation & Content Manager

Patryk Miszczak photo

In my spare time I like to play the guitar, go for a walk or read good books. Sometimes I go to concerts or other events.

Patryk Miszczak

Software Engineer

Sławomir Greczyn-Czereśniowski photo

I am a fan of Tarantino's movies, pet rats keeper, but most of all, I am an enthusiast of coding.

Sławomir Greczyn-Czereśniowski

Software Engineer

Jacek Bogdański photo

I mostly enjoy mountain hiking and climbing. In my spare time I’m reading fantasy books and trying out functional paradigm languages like Elixir.

Jacek Bogdański

Software Engineer

Aleksander Kicior photo

I love to travel whenever I get the occasion! When I’m not doing that, then I’m probably at the cinema or in front of my computer, gaming.

Aleksander Kicior

Research & Strategy Specialist

Sebastian Domas photo

In my free time I enjoy watching football, mostly Premier League, and exploring electronic music.

Sebastian Domas

Software Engineer / DevOps

Nika Zaridze photo

I love psychology (especially facial expressions), techno, and strange mini adventures.

Nika Zaridze

Marketing Assistant

Piotr Maciejewski photo

I love morning jogging, good films at the cinema and popular science books. I’m interested in everything that makes me feel like I understand the world a bit better. That excites me a lot!

Piotr Maciejewski

Marketing Manager

Dominik Szczepaniak photo

I'm interested in history and programming of course! Most of my free time I spend on long bike trips.

Dominik Szczepaniak

Junior Software Engineer

Dariusz Jarzębski photo

I enjoy many things and activities. Games, music, crosswords, football, hiking, cooking... And of course programming!

Dariusz Jarzębski

Junior Software Engineer

Jakub Kisielewski photo

Number #1 PHP fan. I love reading about software architecture and exploring wave music.

Jakub Kisielewski

Junior Software Engineer

Filip Tokarski photo

Apart from being interested in new technologies, I am focused mainly on playing drums and making music.

Filip Tokarski

Junior QA Engineer

Maja Jelińska photo

Home-bird and travel lover in one. Passionate about photography, interior design and architecture, contemporary and art films (especially Krzysztof Kieślowski's, often watching those in loops). Everyday electronic music digger.

Maja Jelińska

Junior Sales Specialist

Brendan Daniel photo

When he's not writing for the CKEditor blog, Brendan is listening to music genres nobody's heard of, obsessing over the design of maps and way-finding systems, or critiquing the writing in the newest Netflix series. Out loud. To nobody in particular.

Brendan Daniel

Content Writer

Adam Wieczór photo

My biggest passion is traveling. I am constantly looking for new destinations and trekking routes. When I am not traveling I enjoy going to concerts, music festivals and theatre with my friends, recently I started attending salsa classes.

Adam Wieczór

Junior Sales Specialist

Radek Kozieł photo

I seek inspiration in simplicity. I try to learn something new each day. A big fan of Depeche Mode.

Radek Kozieł

Software Engineer

Martyna Dąbkowska photo

I am a book lover and really enjoy fishing

Martyna Dąbkowska

Customer Success Specialist

Konrad Bednarski photo

Loves music, cinema, arts and design. Trying to make the world cuter.

Konrad Bednarski

Graphic Designer

Aneta Stadnik photo

I enjoy traveling, board games and bike trips.

Aneta Stadnik

Finance Support

Hubert Grzegorczyk photo

I like learning and getting to know how things work. I'm interested in programming, game development and rock music.

Hubert Grzegorczyk

Junior Software Engineer

Tomek Wytrębowicz photo

I love snowboarding, skateboarding, sailing and Web Components :) I find joy in nature and almost any outdoor activity - riding a bike, writing JS, you name it.

Tomek Wytrębowicz

Senior Software Engineer

Oskar Wróbel photo

I take joy in spending time in the countryside, lying in a hammock with my computer and a good beer.

Oskar Wróbel

Senior Software Engineer

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