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Piotr Koszuliński photo

I enjoy karting and endurance sports such as running and alpinism. When I’m finally tired I prefer good music (from prog-rock, through jazz and classical music to house and disco) and Agatha Christie’s books.

Piotr Koszuliński

Director of Engineering

Aleksander Nowodziński photo

I'm a prog-rock enthusiast and a bass player. When I'm tired being a rock-star I just go outside and take photos.

Aleksander Nowodziński

Senior Staff Engineer

Szymon Cofalik photo

I love all sorts of gaming, card games in particular.

Szymon Cofalik

Principal Engineer

Dawid Pawłowski photo

In my spare time, I go outside to enjoy sports. And I'm always searching for some fresh music.

Dawid Pawłowski

Senior Staff Engineer / Team Leader

Monika Zajączkowska photo

My hobbies are gardening, reading books and all sorts of sport activities like biking, skiing and swimming. I love to try new things.

Monika Zajączkowska

Senior Finance Specialist

Gökçe Tosun photo

I love getting lost in art galleries and streets. I like to critique films & tv shows and I'm obsessed with painting.

Gökçe Tosun

Senior Marketing Specialist

Ewelina Buczyńska photo

I love swimming, hiking, climbing and travelling.

Ewelina Buczyńska

Head of HR & Administration

Ludwika Słowikowska photo

I can spend hours on interior design and old photographs of Warsaw. I'm fascinated with people - their motivations, emotions and behaviour (which perhaps explains my love for deep drama movies).

Ludwika Słowikowska

Head of Customer Services

Wiktor Walc photo

I'm interested in web security, I also love gothic and metal music and... riding fast on my motorcycle.

Wiktor Walc

President/Chief Product Officer

Rafał Stalewski photo

I'm fond of cycling, tennis, fussball and listening to metal bands.

Rafał Stalewski

Head of Sales

Kacper Tomporowski photo

I'm interested in web technologies and graphic design, but besides that my biggest passion is music. I play guitar and sing. I'm in the process of creating new band with my friends. I also love basketball.

Kacper Tomporowski

Engineering Manager

Adrian Kruszewski photo

Cars are at the top of my mind! Going to car shows, working on cars, reading about new car models, it's all about the cars! I also enjoy fishing even though I didn't have much time for it in recent years.

Adrian Kruszewski

Team Leader

Paweł Wiaderny photo

Playing the accordion is my hobby. Just kidding. I've never played the accordion in my life, but it looks and sounds kinda interesting. I like to compose music. Not that I'm any good at it, but it gives me lots of fun!

Paweł Wiaderny

Technical Product Owner

Tomasz Jakut photo

I'm keen on coding in JavaScript and writing.

Tomasz Jakut

Senior Software Engineer

Bartosz Czerwonka photo

For me being a coder is a way of life.

Bartosz Czerwonka

Director of Engineering

Robert Mikołajuk photo

I'm interested in new web technologies, IoT and automation. Outside the desk area, my free time is divided between shooting range, swimming, diving, snowboarding and riding my motorcycle.

Robert Mikołajuk

Senior Staff Engineer

Kamil Piechaczek photo

I love programming of course but I also like to play basketball, and recently I'm creating some projects using Arduino.

Kamil Piechaczek

Senior Software Engineer / Team Leader

Patryk Miszczak photo

In my spare time I like to play the guitar, go for a walk or read good books. Sometimes I go to concerts or other events.

Patryk Miszczak

Senior Software Engineer

Sławomir Greczyn-Czereśniowski photo

I am a fan of Tarantino’s movies and enthusiast of coding.

Sławomir Greczyn-Czereśniowski

Senior Software Engineer

Jacek Bogdański photo

I mostly enjoy mountain hiking and climbing. In my spare time I’m reading fantasy books and trying out functional paradigm languages like Elixir.

Jacek Bogdański

Engineering Manager

Aleksander Kicior photo

American Studies major, I spend most of my time listening to newschool rap, playing video games, reading legal thrillers, and catching up on cinema. I also enjoy traveling, English football and food. Aside from that, I pet dogs and do sports such as boxing.

Aleksander Kicior

Senior Account Manager

Sebastian Domas photo

In my free time I enjoy watching football, mostly Premier League, and exploring electronic music.

Sebastian Domas

Senior Software Engineer / DevOps

Dominik Szczepaniak photo

I'm interested in history and programming of course! Most of my free time I spend on long bike trips.

Dominik Szczepaniak

Senior Software Engineer

Dariusz Jarzębski photo

I enjoy many things and activities. Games, music, crosswords, football, hiking, cooking... And of course programming!

Dariusz Jarzębski

Senior Software Engineer

Filip Tokarski photo

Apart from being interested in new technologies, I am focused mainly on playing drums and making music.

Filip Tokarski

QA Engineer/Customer Solution Engineer

Maja Marcinkowska photo

Home-bird and travel lover in one. Passionate about photography, interior design and architecture, contemporary and art films (especially Krzysztof Kieślowski's, often watching those in loops). Everyday electronic music digger.

Maja Marcinkowska

Senior Account Executive

Adam Wieczór photo

My biggest passion is traveling. I am constantly looking for new destinations and trekking routes. When I am not traveling I enjoy going to concerts, music festivals and theatre with my friends, recently I started attending salsa classes.

Adam Wieczór

Senior Account Executive

Martyna Wierzbicka photo

I am a book lover and really enjoy fishing

Martyna Wierzbicka

Customer Support Coordinator

Aneta Stadnik photo

I enjoy traveling, board games and bike trips.

Aneta Stadnik

Financial Analyst

Łukasz Datkowski photo

I am a multi-talented front-end web developer with a background in graphics and typography. I am fascinated by car design and space exploration. I also enjoy sci-fi books and a good movie.

Łukasz Datkowski

Frontend Developer / UX Designer

Bartek Biedrzycki photo

Writer of all trades, master of some.

Bartek Biedrzycki

Technical Writer

Natalia Stachowicz photo

I sew and design clothes and accessories. I love to complete those small projects that I set for myself. Moreover, I am addicted to books, mainly thrillers.

Natalia Stachowicz

Senior HR Manager

Paweł Smyrek photo

I'm a coding enthusiast interested especially in web technologies, but besides that I enjoy reading about astronomy and space exploration.

Paweł Smyrek

Senior Software Engineer

Kuba Niegowski photo

I’m a fan of post-apocalyptic SF, Clive Cussler books, Friends TV series and steam locomotives. I also love cooking for my friends.

Kuba Niegowski

Senior Staff Engineer

Łukasz Gudel photo

In my free time I enjoy indoor climbing, watching motorsports and reading books.

Łukasz Gudel

QA Engineer

Karolina Ziętal photo

There are a few places where you can find me in my spare time: if I don't calculate, analyze or invest, I probably work in the garden, walk the dog, read Ken Follet's books, travel to Rome or ride a bicycle.

Karolina Ziętal

Senior Sales Ops Administrator

Przemysław Zań photo

I enjoy coding small fun websites, learning about history and science, listening to metal, and playing computer games.

Przemysław Zań

Software Engineer

Karol Dawidziuk photo

I like to learn new things. I love watching and playing volleyball. In my spare time, I like to swim or read books, especially biographies.

Karol Dawidziuk

Software Engineer

Kacper Betański photo

Automatization doer and infrastructure builder. Bass guitar player with weakness to distorted sounds.

Kacper Betański

Software Engineer / DevOps

Michał Malik photo

I am a web developer who entered the profession several years ago. Before that, I used to work as a researcher in organic chemistry. In my spare time I enjoy photography, taking care of my plants, and tasting craft beer.

Michał Malik

Staff Engineer

Bartosz Putek photo

I like reading crime novels and competing in any strategic games - especially tournament poker.

Bartosz Putek

Software Engineer

Adrian Suzdorf photo

Watching an interesting movie and eating tasty food - that's what I call a perfect evening. I am also keen on many exercise activities so you can find me in the gym as well. Frontend Developer by day, sleeping at night.

Adrian Suzdorf

Frontend Developer

Arkadiusz Filipczak photo

When I don't code, I expand my knowledge of computer microarchitecture and security. In my spare time I like hiking, swimming and learning foreign languages.

Arkadiusz Filipczak

Staff Engineer / Team Leader

Szymon Gebler photo

Cat lover and former chess player. Kinda addicted to Spotify and Netflix. I also have a great interest in the Rust Programming Language and math, and I do enjoy reading fantasy books.

Szymon Gebler

Software Engineer

Marta Motyczyńska photo

I enjoy running and playing instruments. I like reading, especially about healthy eating and psychology. I'm also a huge fan of Minecraft :D

Marta Motyczyńska

Senior Software Engineer

Seweryn Markowicz photo

Addicted to good coffee, in my free time I enjoy traveling and watching old movies. Cannot image life without coding and football.

Seweryn Markowicz

Software Engineer

Mikołaj Sawicki photo

I love going for a walk with my favorite audiobooks🚶Big fan of Geralt of Rivia and his adventures 🐺 My biggest passion is meeting new people because they are the factor which makes life beautiful 😊

Mikołaj Sawicki

Team Leader

Łukasz Grądzki photo

Solely committed to developing modern, friendly and maintainable websites. Paving the way towards better UI ecosystem, from a living style-guide to a design system. In my free time I am a dedicated gardener and an outdoor activities passionate.

Łukasz Grądzki

Senior Technical Product Owner - Website

Mateusz Pytel photo

I’m an electronic music enthusiast. In my spare time, I like cycling, reading books, watching good movies, and learning new stuff.

Mateusz Pytel

Senior Software Engineer / Team Leader

Radosław Potyka photo

Optimist, music, memes and cat lover who's always fond of new experiences, knowledge, and meeting new people.

Radosław Potyka

Software Engineer

Michał Błaszczyński photo

A natural-born optimist. Fond of people & their endless creativity which makes living so sweet and unforgettable experience. In love with sunrises and sundowns. Love Moomins, particularly The Groke for its sheer inner beauty and true uniqueness :-) Coffee? Yes, please! & Italian gelato per favore - sempre!

Michał Błaszczyński

Renewal Specialist

Jakub Pamuła photo

I'm passionate about playing video games competitively, traveling to tournaments, and meeting contenders from around the world. To unwind I enjoy learning about new technologies and playing in VR.

Jakub Pamuła

Software Engineer

Anna Piasecka photo

Hopeless airhead, proud dog mom and tasty food enjoyer. Likes making things look great either by creating/fixing them or pointing the not working parts to others :)

Anna Piasecka

QA Engineer

Hanna Dąbrowska photo

I am a graphic designer and an art enthusiast. I love travelling, working out and watching good films.

Hanna Dąbrowska

Junior Graphic Designer

Aleksandra Mroczek photo

Connecting people with their dream jobs by day, watching sitcoms, and dreaming of cats by night.

Aleksandra Mroczek

HR Specialist

Łukasz Juniak photo

I am completely in love with sports and American culture. I spend a lot of playing basketball, working out at the gym, and planning my next trip to the USA. Trying to be the best daddy for my son!

Łukasz Juniak

Lead of Compliance and Licensing

Dawid Kossowski photo

Generally, I’m a fan of fantasy in books, movies and games. However, when it comes to my active leisure I really like to ride my bike and when the weather is rainy I prefer to play squash.

Dawid Kossowski

Senior Software Engineer / Team Leader

Piotr Szczęśniak photo

I like problem-solving - the harder the better! Love to spend time with my family and sometimes I go on runs to refresh my mind.

Piotr Szczęśniak

Software Engineer

Marta Stryżko photo

There is never too much adrenaline in my life. I like offroad in any edition. I am intrested in zoopsychology and interior design. I am intrigued by surrealist painting, especially Beksiński. In my free time, I walk dogs from the shelter. I love autum in the Bieszczady Mountains and faling asleep to crime podcasts.

Marta Stryżko

Office Manager

Bartosz Młotek photo

Coding is my life for some time. It is all I want to do and mostly it is all I think about. Sometimes I even dream up solutions to problems that occur. I also like to play board and computer games, read books, cook or just spend some time with my family.

Bartosz Młotek

Software Engineer

Mariusz Brylowski photo

I'm interested in all things related to web development and I especially enjoy pretty and functional UX. I read books (mostly fantasy and science fiction), play video games, and ride my longboard in my free time.

Mariusz Brylowski

Junior QA Engineer

Aldona Cupiał-Woźniak photo

I am a great fan of cooking and baking - give me flour and sugar and let me turn it into something delicious. I also love creativity, therefore I write and create my own podcast in my free time.

Aldona Cupiał-Woźniak

Customer Services Specialist

Marcin Panek photo

Snowboarding is my passion. I make sure to have at least one winter trip a year. In the summer, I often go sailing on the Masurian Great Lakes. I like to be up-to-date with modern web technologies.

Marcin Panek

Senior Software Engineer

Illia Sheremetov photo

I am interested in computer science and engineering. I spend my free time contributing to Open Source and I am going to create my own js library. Also, I am passionate about creating music.

Illia Sheremetov

Software Engineer

Wojciech Kukowski photo

I recharge my batteries by biking or mountain hiking. As for static activities I enjoy reading books, playing games (video and board), watching popular science, tech, and travel channels on YouTube, or watching some sports with an emphasis on Formula 1.

Wojciech Kukowski

Software Engineer

Dawid Olszewski photo

Passionate about debugging and problem-solving. I like watching movies and listening to music (I'm a big fan of black metal!).

Dawid Olszewski

Software Engineer

Aaron Melick photo

I enjoy holidays at the Mediterranean Sea (and the food!), hiking & biking, tennis & swimming, cooking & eating, and I collect old-school video games.

Aaron Melick

Senior Account Executive

Michał Remiszewski photo

Combining creativity with technical skills is what I love about programming. Besides my job, my passions are music, tabletop games, and video games.

Michał Remiszewski

Software Engineer

Mateusz Gorzeliński photo

I learn new things daily, explore new fields of knowledge, rummage around the web, theorize, and analyze too much. If I do not study and consume media (or coffee), I probably work out, walk, watch memes or think hard about cognitive biases.

Mateusz Gorzeliński

Junior Software Engineer

Michał Hartwich photo

Music is my greatest passion. I'm not just a listener, I can play guitar, piano, and sax. Besides that I'm interested in geopolitics, economics, and the stock market.

Michał Hartwich

Engineering Manager

Filip Sobol photo

I like cycling, memes, and rock&metal music. If it were possible, I would solve any problem with a little bit of code.

Filip Sobol

Senior Software Engineer

Izabela Niedbalska photo

Professionally, I love finding the perfect employees. Privately, I love taking photos, and traveling.

Izabela Niedbalska

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Damian Klimczak photo

I enjoy everyday life, watching all kinds of sports. I've been crazy about the English Premier League since I was a kid. I'm also fascinated by the culture of the Far East.

Damian Klimczak

Renewal Specialist

Witold Socha photo

Father of two, and in my free time (sic!), I code for fun, read a lot of non-fiction books about technology and its history, and generally do some other geeky stuff.

Witold Socha

Technical Product Owner

Grzegorz Czepiec photo

What I enjoy the most is interacting with people, outdoor activities, reading and mountain biking.

Grzegorz Czepiec

Account Executive

Tomasz Barcik photo

Avid fan of cycling, video games and building / painting little (and not so little) plastic toy soldiers.

Tomasz Barcik

Renewal Specialist

Karolina Schild photo

It's probably not surprising that I like testing (or actually still learning how to do this :D). I also enjoy listening to audiobooks and learning about various topics, such as space exploration, linguistics, animals or indoor climbing techniques.

Karolina Schild

QA Engineer

Michał Bilik photo

Tech enthusiast exploring PC hardware, software, and gaming. I enjoy late-night board game sessions with friends, while activities like tennis, weightlifting, and walking my dog keep me going. Oh, and occasionally, I engage in track racing.

Michał Bilik

QA Engineer

Dagmara Dziedzic photo

I made PhD in Communication and Media Studies. I love traveling and discovering new places. To relax, I knit, rollerblade or play video games.

Dagmara Dziedzic

Senior Product Designer

Bartłomiej Ciołek photo

I am software engineer focused on business value delivery, I'am also team player, I like to create products with great people.

Bartłomiej Ciołek

Software Engineer

Stanisław Dudzik photo

I am interested in people and their stories. When not working I like exploring nature and fermenting stuff.

Stanisław Dudzik

Software Engineer

Jan-Kanty Pawelski photo

Happily stuck with JavaScript (lately TypeScript) and React for years.

Jan-Kanty Pawelski

Senior Software Engineer

Jakub Klatt photo

Enthusiast of swimming, chess, IT, e-sports and my dog - a golden retriever 🐕

Jakub Klatt

Junior QA Engineer

Daniel Jadczak photo

Gopher at heart, dogs 👑, fuelled by ☕. Besides coding I farm, cultivate my inner child and do some circus stuff. Scotch-tape and tie-wrap wood constructions are my jam.

Daniel Jadczak

Senior Software Engineer

Alla Tolstaja photo

I enjoy spending time in nature, especially mountains. I also like to travel and explore new cities. One of my passions is photography and having fun with my amazing dog Lumi ;)

Alla Tolstaja

Financial System Integration Analyst

Wojciech Łukasik photo

Fan of animals, cooking, music, NBA, board games, raves and random wikipedia articles.

Wojciech Łukasik

Software Engineer

Marcel Mróz photo

I love to run and travel, especially when I can do both together. When I'm not on the move, I'm singing in a choir, figuring out the technical side of cooking, or keeping up with the newest tech.

Marcel Mróz

Junior QA Engineer

Dorota Malec photo

My biggest motivation is connected with self development as well as how people overcome their limitations and how that makes them develop personally and professionally. Me after work hours: cats & dogs lover, fan of good music, travelling (especially exploring hidden pearls of Poland), true crimes and psychology.

Dorota Malec

Customer Success Manager

Marcin Dusza photo

Problem solving and seeking improvements are one my favourite activities. In spare time I enjoy running and playing electric guitar. I also love mountains and riding a motorcycle. Definitely a dog person.

Marcin Dusza

Senior Product Manager

Przemysław Rak photo

I'm someone who loves to explore new places, geek out over the latest tech trends, stay fit at the gym, and groove to EDM music. In my downtime, you'll find me immersed in gripping crime books and TV series.

Przemysław Rak

IT Operations Manager

Iwona Markowska photo

I am an active person who enjoys making sports especially Les Mills programs. I am also a fun of Spain: cuisine, culture, language. I spend there me free time discovering new areas of this hot country.

Iwona Markowska

Manager of Accounting & Finance

Piotr Mazurek photo

I am a software engineer passionate about cloud. I enjoy many sport disciplines such as running, swimming, football, squash or standup paddle-boarding.

Piotr Mazurek

Software Engineer II

Maciej Budniakiewicz photo

Accountant with a passion for computer games.

Maciej Budniakiewicz


Konrad Czepiec photo

Sport is my passion, including meeting people, staying fit and healthy and one most important - great atmosphere. Always trying to spread positive vibe. If u’r having a bad day - Hit me up!

Konrad Czepiec

Business Development Representative

Piotr Niedźwiecki photo

I enjoy outdoor activities, among which are playing volleyball, rollerblading and snowboarding. I’m an enthusiast of street art design and culture. I also run a temporary shelter for cats awaiting adoption.

Piotr Niedźwiecki

Senior Product Designer

Szymon Tukaj photo

Self-taught, unafraid of challenges, and valuing continuous development. Passionate about optimizing web pages to achieve the best results. Besides I love travelling and Premier League.

Szymon Tukaj

SEO Specialist

Izabela Olszyna photo

Design and art are my passions; I love painting and find inspiration in nature. Trekking and strolls amidst the wilderness are among my favorite activities, enabling me to deeply connect with the beauty of the natural world.

Izabela Olszyna

Senior Creative Services Manager

Krzysztof Krztoń photo

I like programming, playing computer and board games, occasionally creating and building stuff. I also like sports, especially running and fitness.

Krzysztof Krztoń

Staff Engineer

Łukasz Zając photo

I'm an avid board gamer, I love to spend time cooking, playing video games, and a bit of casual hiking or volleyball. I also enjoy tinkering with tech stuff which comes handy when trying to break software ;)

Łukasz Zając

QA Engineer

Taiwo Adebesin photo

Today is the tomorrow you are worried about yesterday - A reminder to always live in the moment. I am passionate about project management (building something from the ground up) and Fashion (creating/designing clothes), meeting with friends and family and having stimulating conversations.

Taiwo Adebesin

Business Development Representative

Dominika Wandel-Janicka photo

After work I enjoy spending time outdoors with my dog Fargo. I also love exploring the local area and discovering new places. I like trying cuisine from different parts of the world. After each trip, I try to recreate local recipes at home.

Dominika Wandel-Janicka

Product Designer

Andrzej Kała photo

Solving people's problems with useful products by day, avid petrolhead and gamer by night. Living, walking encyclopedia of dad jokes and proud owner of a Golden Retriever

Andrzej Kała

Senior Technical Product Manager

Ana Kasak photo

I\'m a little art freak! You can find me during my spare time getting tattoos, creating art, drinking coffee, reading some books or watching whatever good is streaming while cuddling my pets :) During work I tend to learn everything that I can.

Ana Kasak

Email Marketing Specialist

Dagmara Gierasińska photo

Data whiz and a lifelong sports enthusiast – practicing yoga ashtanga, and cycling and always encouraged to explore new sports. I’m a dog lover with a passion for vintage finds and old architecture. Spending every weekend in the mountains chasing the Polish Mountains Crown or in the forest.

Dagmara Gierasińska

Sales Development Operations Specialist

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